What should i draw?



What should i draw dont make it too realistic im going to use hopscotch so maybe i can draw people or characters. Im good at cartoony stuff. Pick from poll then tell what u want me to draw

  • Peanuts character
  • Something from CN(cartoon network
  • Spongebob character
  • Picture of you(not AwesomeWolf18)





Because he's rude (or he's just kidding)


What is this all about


@AHappyCoder what did u do


Oh well I thought there could be some other options to the poll but @Fun_in_the_Sun and @Stampys_fans took it wrong


Oh that was rude:rage::triumph::rage::triumph::rage::triumph::rage::triumph:




Like what @AHappyCoder


I don't hate anyone...mostly!


That weird very weird


¿Qué? ¿Por qué? @Fun_in_the_Sun


And I don't hate you! But why is that odd? @Fun_in_the_Sun


Ok Here is an idea: You could draw a miliepede or a Praying Mantis!


And here is the reason why I don't hate you guys: 1 misunderstanding would not make me hate you @Fun_in_the_Sun and @Stampys_fans and @Stampys_fans got me on featured :wink:


I was going to add insects but it said i couldnt and ok


Yay, twice?, I thought only once I got you on featured once, The minecraft he idea?


Yeah maybe that was not very well written...you got me on feateurd once! but thanks!


Your welcome!/my pleasure


Bout to start