What should I do ?!


So as probably nobody knows, I left hopscotch, I've been gon for nearly a year now, I decided not to leave the forum, I needed a little bit of hopscoth in my life, I want to come back, have the bullies gone? Has justanotherhopscotcher given in yet? Are people being nice to DQ? Is we2fd still derpy? I want to know!!! Please tell me, do you think I should come back, I want to know, please


Who's justanotherhopscotcher
Also welcome back


It's your choice! Hopscotch is pretty happy right now!


Welcome back! I don't really remember you but welcome back anyways! : D


When did you come to hopscotch, it might answer your question


Welcome back! I'm iWaffle :D


Ha, it's ok


Hi I'm LOD, sigh I cant be bothered to do that 20 sign stuff


That's, good so I'm guessing the es less bullies


Feb 2014 or 2015
Potter productions nice to meet ya


I agree, the 20 characters rule can be annoying sometimes...
Anyways, why did you quit Hopscotch in the first place?


Omg ur potter productions !!!! I followed you (I think) well if I didn't I like played all of your projects, uv never herd of justanotherhopscotcher?


Bullies, I didn't want to be scared away by bullies, so I decided to go my own way


I was the one who was silent, but the one who would stop a fight without anyone noticing, I knew they would notice oneday


I think I have before, but I can't remember them.


They bullied DQ and we2fd


I want da gossipppp, I'm joining again


Meet me there I'm love of dogs


It's not nice to gossip on the forum, sorry. Unless you're looking for what's happened lately.


No I'm not, I'm love of d​:dog:gs​:grinning::grinning::blush::blush::hugging::hugging::hugging: