What Should I Do?



Hopscotch is breaking my friendship. What should I do?



If you're getting into arguments with your friend over hopscotch things...

What are you getting into arguments about?





Something else?


I'd say, try to sort it out with your friend, try to talk, I guess.

If it's about credit or copying, try asking why they might think that.

And maybe try to nicely reason with them. :D

If it's likes/follows, I'm not really sure...

I don't really know what to do because this has never happened to me.


She thinks I'm copying her without giving credit. So basically, you're telling me to compromise? Thanks for your help! :D


Here's a like! :D


Try talking about it, and yes! :D
Try to compromise, and reason with the friend. :D

Explain stuff. :D


Maybe if she is still angry, you could always give credit anyway!