What should I do to be considered a leader or to be nominated as a leader?



I know, I have to be kinder, lighten up on LGBT, etc. but what do you think? Would you vote for me to be a leader?

  • yes
  • probably
  • uh, no. i hate pepe. and memes. Yuck!


Lol now you have to reply. No more anonymous votes. :yum:


What if someone wouldn't vote for you and liked memes? XD

Then what'd they do? :3


Why do you need to know? XD someone doesn't like me...


I need to know because it was a reasonable question :3

And who doesn't like you? I do!


Oh, ok. It's not letting me edit it, gimme like 5 minutes.


Speaking of 5 minutes...

you can't edit poll options after 5 minutes.

walks out of topic, as if I had just told a dragon it couldn't eat me. What was that metaphor?! I am weird. Okay. Going now. :3


I know, it sends me that message every time i try... ;-;


peeks head in and goes back out, working on list of metaphors


- be yourself. Don't change who you are unless you try to be nicer or something :wink:
- be kind and supportive as much as you can. Don't overdo it or try too hard :slight_smile:
- don't be mean, rude, offensive etc
- be you

My random points...



I would say that the main thing is to be yourself. Don't pretend to be somebody that you are not!
Remember that THT have just promoted te new leaders, so there probably h won't be any for a whil. But. You can be the leader without the badge!
Thinj before you press post. Re read what you have written and make sure it is ok to post, and not mean or hurtful to anyone!

Good luck!!




I have the same goal to! And I agree with what @KVJ said, don't change yourself to become leader, that's just silly.

The only thing I've changed about myself us to become more helpful :D! ( Hooeful that hasn't changed me to much lol)

How do you continue a discussion?

As long as you're still you and what you post is genuine, it should be fine :wink:


1. NEVER change your personality just to get leader.

I have seen this many times. It doesn't increase your chances of getting leader, but rather decreases them.

2. ALWAYS search before you post.
This has been forgotten many times.

3. NEVER pry your eye on leader.
Just act normal. Liza will promote people that she thinks have a lot of leader potential. However, if you keep your eye on leader, you may forget to consider others' feelings.

4. ALWAYS want to actually earn the badge, not to just brag about it and say it's cool.
If you earn it while not wanting it, don't brag about it or say it's cool. Actually do stuff with it.
@Sparkczy, you may want to keep this in mind.


I know! I don't actually want to be a leader, you have to be all professional and stuff, but at the same time it would be really cool.

  1. Currently, 10% of the voters don't.

  2. You're saying you don't like Sparkczy.





  1. I said that because she said 'someone doesn't like me.'

  2. I never said I didn't like her, could you clarify where you got that from?That's really rude. I love Sparkczy as a friend, and she'd make a great leader! I asked why she put 'no I hate memes and Pepe' because someone might like memes and not want her to be leader.


Quote if you want a rant (that is not offensive, just so you know :3)