What Should I Do? Please Reply



Hey, forum community!

Me and @AwesomeKitty and @friendship2468 are making a collab account, but we don't want it to be hacked. If we post the password there, it will get hacked. On the forum it will too. @friendship2468 doesn't have a non-personal email, so what should I do?



Try telling her in the lounge! It's much safer there!:wink:


You can't do mass tags anymore.


It's the safe tags (people who all agreed to be tagged).


It's an approved list. Everyone in it wants to be in it, and @BuildASnowman has said its okay!:wink:
(Sorry for the tag, BAS!)


I never agreed on anything here. But tag away.


If you guys are really serious about this, it's just better to branch each other's work. That way only one of you gets the branch tag, and it gives the collab more attention on your personal account


Make up a secret passcode system and publish letters to the password on different accounts or hide them in projects


Either tell her in the lounge or put it up until she likes the post and then take it down. :wink:


:grimacing: sharing passwords is hard. Be careful that no one finds out the password. As soon has you are both on you should change the password and put your password in your drafts so no one sees it? Idk :cold_sweat:


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Try telling her on scratch! It's much safer there too! @LavenderLovinNerd


Here's a tip on sharing passwords! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/how-to-share-collab-accounts-like-a-boss/6264?u=follow4likesofficial