What should I do now?



Hey guys...as some of you guys know, I mostly draw...I want to code more, but I don't know what to do! Trail art? Pixel art? Suggestions please :smile: I'm thinking trail art, as I am really inspired be @SmilingSnowflakes and @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf ! Ahhh...please choose for me! I don't know :tired_face:
-Panda Blossom


Just do things you enjoy


Or you could try and combine all of them together


I don't really know what I enjoy, except from art, I need ideas on what to do :sweat_smile:


Nice idea! I could do a all in one project!
Edit: an all in one project!


Then do something random use your imagination Geez that sounds so cheesy


Yeah...everyone says that these days :innocent::sweat_smile:


That's so true:grin:


Maybe you could make a Piano Tiles game?


Could you get out the ultimate idea list ? XD


Edit: actually yes!


What To make....? Umm..MOOSIK! Yes! I will make MOOSIK!


Oh look! I made a emoji for it!


AHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHA I see how you did that :eyeglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh, maybe you could learn some cool tricks from the tutorials and then try to recreate an app? :smile:


Trail Art. You'll still be in the subject of art!
And then I'm out of ideas.



just something random


I have the nuke doc but I'm on an iPod touch where I can't download the Google Docs app so I'll be right back


@rawrbear get teh Nnnnuuuukkkkkeeeee!!!!