What should I do next year?


Well I am ready to start my first full year on Hopscotch, yay. I got an email form the Hopscotch Team and I don't want to be the person who gets the email and does nothing next year so.
If you were invited to this topic it is because y'all are people tha have help me this year.
Should I change my name.

  • Yes
  • No


Also if I change it what should it be?

I am also need needing ideas for next year.

  • Projects for robots (SPRK)
  • Collab
  • Art
  • Games
  • Stories


Comment below if you have an idea or a reason why I should keep or change my name.

Thank you to @Phase_Studios and @OrangeScent1 Y'all have made my day.



@Phase_Studios are you here? I am guessing you voted or will vote for the SPRK. Snickers you own one?


Yep, I am here. What is your username for the app? Wants to now to see yo projects @BlackDawn! And also, don't change your name! I love it!!!!!!!


Well no one wants me to change my name. Anyone want to tell me why?


Your name is like a



Same as my username here. I don't have many cool project but I have controls that I have tha I might publish to let people use them.


Just to let you know, my username is PawedCat. That is my new username for stoof!


Nice username BlackDawn is what I use for most of my accounts.


Who voted yes bacause you are greatly out numbered?


Games and SPRK are tried which one will win.


Well sorry guys but it really doesn't matter with SPRK because I will be making some anyway but Games is in the lead so Games it might be.


Well I am going to be doing games next year so what games should I make.


A Minecraft story mode, logo, that isinteractive when you swipe and is 3D!


Those a great Ideas I might do a logo game, App Edition.


Well of you voted for me to change my name what do you want me to change it too.


Y am I invited?


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Read the edit that I made.


Hai am ready to help
Wait what sorry I'm confused :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue:


Well I might do a small change in my name. Like Add and emoji or something.