What should I do next? Ideas?



I am bored. And I want to know what I should do next! I have a few ideas, but I can't choose. Sooooo, voting time! (Bad at polls... LET'S DO DIS)

  • Update my drawing pad
  • Finish writing a Hopscotch story that'll be super fun
  • Make a game
  • Make a contest on Hopscotch
  • Do a collab
  • Other, suggest it down below


You may choose up to 7 options.


The poll got confused and messed up. Sorry! Here it is again:

  • Hopscotch story
  • Draw pad update
  • Potato
  • Game
  • Collab
  • Contest
  • Other
  • More potato


You may choose up to 8 options.


I voted for all of them. :flushed:




Oh yeah! I saw dat HS story! I can be in it! :wink:


Yayziez! And so far it's really good! Also,



Sneak peak? Only if you want :smiley:
Potatoes shall rule!


Sneak peek time!

The Hopscotch Code Book 1: Coded

An eerie silence echoed through the Hopscotch Team's meeting room. A voice from the end of the table said grimly, "We can't stop them literally going into Hopscotch's code... unless we stop hackers getting into it too." Another person spoke, this time female. "Yes, we know THAT, Alish, but how do we stop the hackers?" Alish sighed. "We have no idea."

The meeting room's grave quiet suddenly broke. "Alish! Liza! Why can't we stop them?" "Do you mean people will get trapped in the app?" "We need stronger code!" "How? Why?" Liza got up, now frustrated. "SILENCE! NOW! We are going to fix this. For now, get back to work until we can find something for you to do about this."

Chapter One: 'Newbies'
One morning that would have been quite normal for the trapped Hopscotchers would turn into a very unusual morning for one of them, Tree Frog Studios.

She woke up as normal, walked through her published projects as normal, and walked out into the open community area of Hopscotch. It was quite nice, walking on the coolish floor, past colorful projects and great drawings, even though it was a long walk to where she was going. She pushed down on a magnifying glass shaped icon and walked, still yawning, into the search tab. She pressed down on 'Hopscotchers' and wrote in the search bar 'SmilingSnowflakes.'

She jumped into the profile where several other trapped Hopscotchers milled around, including SmilingSnowflakes herself. She walked a little, saw what she was looking for, and jumped almost mechanically as if she had jumped into projects hundreds of times (she had) into a project titled, "Fruits!" by SmilingSnowflakes. She bit into an apple and an orange, then started her walk back to her profile. Suddenly, she heard a really weird noise coming from the sky in the #Art channel. She was really confused! "What the-" she gasped as several Hopscotchers her age landed on the ground. "Oh, I know! Newbies!" she yelled excitedly! She smiled and said, "Hiya! Welcome to Hopscotch. I'll explain about this place later. What are your names?" They answered confusedly, quite dazed. She looked at them, almost as confused. "Those aren't Hopscotch names...?"

            One of them, a boy with longish brown hair said, "Then what are? And really, where are we?" An Asian- looking girl said, "I am sooooo confused. What do you mean, Hopscotch names?" Another girl said, "Um, will you PLEASE tell me what's going on?" Two more just looked really confused.

Tree Frog sighed. "This is Hopscotch. Everything here is made of code. You can add code to it. Don't worry, this is an alternate reality. What feels like years here is just a second on Earth, so your parents won't worry. And we have to live here. People called The Hopscotch Team rule this place. I'm pretty sure that they're evil, to trap us here... Also, this is an app. People who play it don't know that we're trapped, they think we're just other users. And a Hopscotch name is something like Tree Frog Studios, that's my name, just call me TFS. Another example of a Hopscotch name is Rawrbear, PopTart0219, Shivelight, LotsaPizza..."

The brown-haired boy smiled. "So I'll be MemorableChicken!" The Asian girl said, "Then I'm Panda Blossom." Another girl said, "Cute Blossom!" Then "Dancing Pineapples" and "Gigi marshmallow" came up with their Hopscotch names. TFS grinned. "I'll show you how to code, newbies!"


Go potatoes!


YAAASSS! But I gotta be dat Asian girl with a panda beanie..#SWEG! XD pls pls pls :weary::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





yay! Potatoes will rule!


:smile:thanks :stuck_out_tongue: 20202020200220


I'm writing a chapter about the forum. Does anyone want to be a mean person in the story? Like, kinda cold and bitter? Or possibly a villain? Not anyone already in the story, though!


Do you think you could do a piano tiles sort of game? I'm obsessed with that right now. :blush:


Wat. Did. Chu. Say.

waaaa I kant be de evil guyyyyyyy waaaaa

Lel my spellin XD


No, I need someone other than you. pats back It'll be all okay.

XD! Um, I have an idea.
@XiaoMiaoMi? Could you do it? It's okay if no.


Raises hand...


No it won't! XD jk I'm fine with it. :sunglasses:


Okay then! You can be in it! POTATO