What should I do in hopscotch?


I was hoping if people could help me make a game. ( like a request )
And I will give credit! If this doesn't work, I'll need to quit
hopscotch! :persevere:


Why quit??? ;o;


Because I got no friends :sob:


I can be your friend if you want. (^ν^)


Well, I bet there's a ton of people that want to be your friend in Hopscotch, you just haven't found them yet!


Same! I can be your friend :slight_smile:


Thank you so much !!!


Thank you so much! For being so kind to me!


What's your hopscotch username?


pink fluffy unicorn! :unicorn:


You just beat me to that question!


What's your hopscotch name?


Haha at least know everyone knows! Sadly I can't change my username on the hopscotch forum.


I'm RubyWolf☆ On hopscotch


There are so many pink fluffy unicorns I don't know which one you are


I am Crazy_cake or Coding_cookie


The 12th one... wow there is a lot


I looked through most of them and found you! (It said you follow me so I followed you!)


Thank you for following me! I followed you back :wink:


Haha! Any ideas? ( love the pikachew )