What should I do, I need emotional help!


This is in will not be in lounge because I don't want hate, so be nice. I am getting seriously bullied. Like I'm called a b****. And other stuff help. I know that this is not related, but it is. I'll tell you later


Tell an adult you trust. What they're calling you is not okay, and you don't deserve it.


Yeah, I guess.


This isn't in lounge??


No no no
My best friend is not getting bullied!!



(Also, it doesn't help to repeat exactly what they said - even censored. It's still inappropriate.)


tell an adult


Um, is that me? I don't know who you are. Please don't be mad


I'm friendship2468
We used to be best friends remember


OMG, so sorry. I was suspicious. Not in a bad way, how are you?


I'm good. Fifth grade is cool.


I know right. I <3 it. Except I am like socially exiled. I have one friend, maybe two


I thought you were banned until 2048?


Liza is basically letting me come on the forum


Ha ha. It's February and she got invited


Oh ok


Its November not february


Actually I invited myself as a test


Ha, you still crack me up. But how?


I feel your pain. Same thing happened to me exept they got onto every community account I was on and said bad things under my name.
They're probally just jealous of you.
Please tell me your hopscotch username and I can help.
(I'm exiled in my grade too. Part of that is that I have loner tendencies)