What should I do for next year?



Since 2016 is very near, I decided that i will make a New Years resolution on hopscotch! Please tell me what I can do next year, and I will decide if I should do it or not! But PLEASE don’t tell me to change it, because I am always gonna keep my name that way, and I’m not even gonna add a emoji to it or a ! to it. It’s because of this glitch where you can’t see my projects. For several months, don’t you dare argue with me about it

So ya, what should I do next year?


Code projects


I already do that lol, can you try thinking of another thing? U don't have to if u want :sweat_smile:


Use Hopscotch, like projects, and be helpful to the Hopscotch Forum.


Breathe next year please


Help me more?


Make more school projects.


You forgot to say to be born next year :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


But I am sure you are not going to be born next year...


Ok, I can do that.. But the students are on winter break! And sure, I may help you more :slightly_smiling:

Ps: do you get mad if someone remixes your project and makes a ugly drawing? That happens all the time to me lol


Then I guess the USA won't exist next year... :scream::tired_face::confounded::fearful::weary::tired_face::scream::fearful::tired_face::scream:


"Why do we remember the past, but not the future?"
-Stephen Hawking


A Hawking Stephen is Hawking us O.O


follow THE ORDER OF THE STONE and like his projects more!


But what if @Ihasfluffycupcakes is using a Tardis to travel back in time???


But she didn't because they don't exist yet


Advertisment! HOW IS THAT NOT 20 CHAR????????


What if one came back in time then she went back in time more?




Cool, I wanna see dinosaurs I have a time machine k gets in time thingy sees dinosaurs

Just Kidding!
That's a awesome resolution