What Should I Do? B.ullying Problems


A friend of mine recently has been vague with her feelings. In the forum, she said she didn't want to be friends, then we made up irl. Just now, today, she pulled a mean, hurtful prank on me and embarrassed me. What should I do? About her?


Tell her it really hurt your feelings. Tell her you'll give her another chance, but she has to stop because friends aren't mean to each other. If she doesn't stop, it's wise to tell a trusted adult and maybe spend a little less time with her.

It isn't okay for her to do that. You don't deserve it. If it gets worse, it isn't really worth being friends with her.


Ask her why did she do it, did she really mean it?


I have heard about those people who start big stuff by saying that they don't want to be friends, but then they do. I think I have dealt with that before and I do understand how it could get repetitive and/or annoying sometimes.

I am very sorry about what happened with the prank :( That definitely was cruel of her, and not what a good friend would do, honestly. But I have some questions to this: How much effort did she put into the prank, and how much did she truely seem to care about your feelings? And how much people witnessed it?

If people do mention the prank in a way you dislike (In real life), then just try changing the topic. It always helps whenever someone tries bringing back bad memories to me. I think she might actually be lying about something if she tried to make up but then just pulled this hurtful prank.

Do you think she'll end up seeing this topic, though? I hope not, since there are many different things she could possibly say about it. I agree with Treefrogstudios that telling her how you really do feel about the prank could be the best choice you have now.

Sorry about what happened (again) and hopefully your friend doesn't act mean like this again.

And I never really gave advice like that so... I dunno if I did it okay?


Tell her how you feel. Embarrassed about the prank, upset with her, etc.
Tell her that you have enjoyed her friendship, but you are not going to keep it alive if she keeps treating you like this. You deserve better friends. Tell her that. If she is unwilling to change, it might be time to move on.
But if she does change her behavior, give her a second chance. Don't let her previous actions tarnish the beginning of a hopefully more stable friendship.


Okay, to keep this short, I reply to all of you in one post. But first I wanna say that you guys are the best. This is awesome advice, and you guys are SUPER caring. Okay, to the comments!
1. @treefrogstudios, thanks for keeping it simple and helpful. This will help with what I want to say to her.
2. @Explorer_, now I feel like a tattletale. After I made this topic, I decided to call her irl. Well, it turns out she was BEGGED to pull a prank on me on HSF. She finally gave in to a nonharmful, funny, quick jokish prank. When she did that, the boy that begged her practically took her iPad and did it all by himself. After the harm was done, she got her iPad back and apologized frequently. I didn't know who was who and who was commenting at the time, and thought it all to be my friend. During the call, she told me she had no idea what the boy was going to do, and if she had known what he was going to comment, she would've stopped it. During the call, i got out my iPad and read to her what the boy said, since at the time, she was busy and couldn't get hers to read the posts herself. After she heard what the boy said, she agreed with me that it was hurtful and rude. So, I'ma tattletale basically, even tho I didn't know.
3. @Ihasfluffycupcakes, let me answer ur qwestions now. There was a good amount of effort put into the prank. She didn't seem to care a lot about my feelings, honestly. But, you know, read 2. The only ppl that witnessed it were me, her, and the boy. That wouldn't be so bad, if only the boy hadn't revealed one of my secrets about him even more than it was already revealed. And last one, I really hope she doesn't see this, but if she does, she won't be mad- read 2.
4. @KayKat, thanks for the advice- this will be helpful irl with talking to her.
If you read all this, thank you.


I know you need help but these are things that you shouldn't post on the forum. Just talk to an adult or a friend about it :slight_smile:


I know you're trying to keep this HSF or HS related, but it is. It's on HSF that it's happening to me. Other ppl have done things like this, please don't be the bad vibe here. Somewhere else, please. Again, not mad, just saying it's HSF related. :slight_smile:


I don't want to be a party pooper, but I'll have to agree with @Rubywolf1.
She has a very good point. Didn't it help more when you talked to your friend irl?
Yes, people have made topics like this, but we are trying to lower the amount of them. We want people to get a trusted adults help.


Yes, it did help when I talked to her irl. Is it so bad to want advice? From ahem friends?


I think that the advice that you can read above is just what I wanted to say too.


It's ok, sometimes you have to be one