What Should I Do?/Apology


You guys, I need advice, I recently did an April fools trick on HS, where I said I was leaving, everyone immediately flipped out, and began to leave, I cause a lot of unecissery drama. I really shouldn't have done it. Now everyone is really upset at me, and are saying that "I destroyed HS" I am really upset, and apologized multiple times, but it's not working! What should I do?

@Liza-Sorry for causing trouble on this wonderful app
@MusicalPaintbrush-Sorry. Well, you know why
@WhoNeedsAName-You too....
I am soo sorry. Please forgive me

Blast It! It was a trap!

You didn't destroy it that's rude


Kinda, but I did cause I mess.
Yeah, I agree, it was a little rude of people to say that.


Aw, that's okay. Ignore the people who say that. You didn't "destroy Hopscotch" XD


Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah, I should get over it


Yeah, you didn't destroy it! When MagmaPOP, FoodDelivery, etc left, people weren't blaming them for Breaking Hopscotch, so why are they blaming you?


It was an April fools prank


I know. But that doesn't really change anything.


Yeah, people are taking it way to seriously, and my best hop friend @Kayro, says that they are my "Fourmer friend"


Fourmer friend? As in that they used to be your friend but now they aren't? Or like they are only your friend on the forum?


I think like they used to be my friend, they draw a k.nife in the picture, so. That's what I am guessing


Ehhhhh. People over exaggerate tooooooo much now... Just don't care bout them. Let it slip.


Eh. A knife isn't really the nicest thing to draw.. me failed attempt at humor in a bad situation, sorreh...


I am being dramatic, but I will just be on the forum for now


I would like but I ran out (sorry)

You should apologize and say it was just a prank and that you would never do it again. Then your never do it again.


Nah. You're not half as dramatic as a lot of people I know, don't worry bout it, cuz I'm still your friend.


I will never do it again, and I apologized, a few times XD


Yay!heres a Like!



Wow, Now I look like NindroidGames (for the challenge) feels so weird Don't tell him tho, plz


I assume they mean "former?"

That's sickening ://

What sort of person would say that because someone pulled a prank that they took badly??