What should i code next? ideas needed


any ideas for what to code :smile:


Here's some ideas I've come up with in the past! :DDD

Weird Game Idea List

A game where a chair fell apart, and you have to put it back together piece by piece.
An "Adopt a Fruit" game. Yeah, you read correctly! XD
A "Create and Sell a Bed" game.
A game in a hamster's perspective, and you have to stay away from the owner you don't like.
A build an RV game.
A game where you select a weird newspaper article, and then you go around the block passing it out to everyone.
A game where you're inside the Hopscotch editor screen, and you dodge big blocks that people are dragging out.
A game where you travel through a plug and dodge the things that travel inside of it
A word guesser! Where you choose between the words on the home screen, and the players go through a series of questions about the word, and it guesses what word it was based on the questions!


lol nice idea :slight_smile:


Here's an idea.
Drag a mouse around the screen to eat food that appears.
When the mouse bumps the food, the foods position is randomly set.
Have a cat that chases the mouse using similar chase code i did for your fish game. But checking y positions as well.
Have the cats speed slowly increase, the more food the mouse bumps.
And have more cats chase later at a different speed.


A potato/chocolate simulator!:wink:


Would you mind If i use Some of these ideas? I will give credit!



Yes. XD

Anyone can use that list. c: