What should I add on my Easter project?


So, I have made this Easter trail art, it's rubbish, so i would like to improve/make more stuff to go on the project...
Here's a screen shot :D! Don't steal ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ



Maybe grass hills in the background


Yeah... That would be cool! Thanks!


Maybe make the bunny's face more like a bunny!


Yeah..XD I can't do trail art XD I'm so bad, it's funny!!XD LOL.


Haha! I think it's adorable though! Really, all you need is a dot and two lines sticking out!


XD do you mean like for the nose and the whiskers ?

Laik dis?




Working on it.... Gimme like, 2836336 days, and maybe I will get theirs! XD


Code for diagonal lines is actually quite simple!


Really? May you show me? ( this is where you see how bad I am at coding XD)


I'm on my laptop. I'll try to explain xD
So, you're starting with a repeat block. Lets say you want the line 100 editor ft.
Repeat Times= 100
Drag out a Change Y by block.
Change Y by 1
If the line is going down,
Change Y by -1
Drag out a Change X by block.
Change X by 1.
If it is moving to the left,
Change X by -1.


Eh! I'm gonna try that on a few project and then see what it looks like, in case I ruin the Easter one XD I K ow I'm gonna ruin it anyway XD


I dun it!!

Thank you

now u have 2 imagine a fluffy panda hugging you! Yaaaay!


I wasn't confusing!


Pfft yeah confusing i totally didn't have 23 attempts...:flushed::rolling_eyes:. XD :sunglasses:#swag


Eeek! It looks like this! How would you make it not-so-diagonally-Looking?



Oh yeah, here's the pic :stuck_out_tongue:


Use turn blocks!

Turn 45 degrees.
Then move foward ___!

45 will go upwards, -45 will go downwards, and flip will flip it. XD

Try 35 degrees instead of 45. :D