What should Hopscotch add to make it better?


Don't we all think that hopscotch should add just a a couple more things? What do you think Hopscofch should add?

One of the things I think they should add is comments.
(Yes, this topic is related to fifty other topics, I know.)
Guys I DID search for topics alike this one but NoOOOoooO nothing popped up until the last moment! Leave me alone about it, goodness!


Remember to search before you post using the magnifying glass. :smile:
There are already loads of topics!


Why else did I say to not merge the topic?
(Don't take that if I say that rudely, please!)


Welcome to the forum! :D


Just sayin :D
I could delete my post and you could edit the topic to change it to a different topic :DD


No, it's fine how it is. Thanks though


Thank you! I appreciate it


Please search before you post as @AHappyCoder said ;)

There's tons of topics like this already, maybe te commenting in one of them instead :D
Multiple topics of the same thing clog up the forums space ;-; :0

Also, welcome to the forum! :DDD


Again, Remember to search before you post! Duplicate topics will be merged.

Maybe you could change this? :blush: