What should have been added in Hopscotch... (Idea)



... Club accounts formed in Hopscotch itself...

You know what I mean?


So here is what I mean.

There will be a tab beside the tab with the panda on it, The one that leads to a menu of your profile, and when you tap it, there will be two buttons on the middle of the screen. There's one called "Create Club" and another called "Join Club".

What they do:

Create Club

This will create a new group profile in Hopscotch. All your draft and published projects will be kept there if you made it with other people. You can invite people into the club when you tap a button beside the character called "Invite". The feature is only accessible to the creator of the club.

Join Club

If you tap this button, it will lead you to a screen full of clubs. Beside the names of the club, there will be a button that says "Send Join request". That button will send a request to the creator of the club.

  • if you are accepted, the "Send Join Request" button will turn into a button that says "Member"

  • if you are not accepted, the button will remain as it is.

On the Home Screen of the club profile

You will see when the club was formed, the logo/character, the number of members, and button that allows you to see the members (this will be put below the members count).

And of course the projects they liked and published, and if you are a member, the drafts tab.

  • if you are a member, you should see a "Notice Board" tab. Over there, the creator and certain Hopscotchers and leave notes about what to do, news, etc etc. (Main Purpose is to notify member.) when a new note is placed, the tab will have a number in red.

Whats the benefits?

Reduced hacking, because it is in-app and also, no password required, only permit from the creator of the club needed. A whole lots safer.

Hopscotchers can make projects together at the same time, without to worry about being hacked.


Like I said, passwords needed. No more log out and log in from an account to another.

What do you think?


  • Okay

  • Lemme decide

  • Nah

  • Why did I waste my time on this?


I think this is what we have been missing this whole time...


Scratch has a curator invite message that can be sent.
The world hasn't ended because of this.
Something like this could work on Hopscotch.
The messages on a club page can still be for public viewing so nothing nasty gets said secretly.


This would be great @comicvillestudios! But their is some cons, but their is TONS of pro's.


Nothing has no cons @Phase_Studios ... There never a perfect thing...

And I just realized that this thing IS what we were missing... Should this be added into a future update? (Ver 2.20.0 or Ver 2.21.0)

But the largest con that I realized is that, it will take A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -one eternity later- OOOOOOOOOOONG time to add this feature.


Than what will happen to old accounts?


@CamMakesGames what do you mean? @comicvillestudios that is an amazing idea! It NEEDDS to be added! I don't care that it will take a LOOOOOOO one eternity later OOOOOOONG time! It will be worth it! @Liza! @Ian!


OMG!! I'll love it!! This is definately the thing i was missing, it's a bit like the forum inside hopscotch!! Please add this!!


I like it but it would take a long time I agree


Well I think you should be able to search clubs to


We need a when something isn't touching something block...


Yeah, I agree!! Most people are ranting about photos, videos, voice recorders, and private chat, but that doesn't matter! That would destroy hopscotch! And a lot of schools would not use it, so that puts a lot at a downside. Most people want non-coding related things, but you just came up with one of the best ideas. (My mind is BLOWN!!)


I mean old collab accounts


They'll stay... As it is, unfortunately.

Oh oh... Here's the best part.

You can create and join MULTIPLE groups...


So should we add this feature??


Allot of ideas to improve Hopscotch have been ignored by the Hopscotch Team.
Like drawing your own sprites and an idea i had about drawing a background that won't get deleted when the CLEAR command is used and only drawings in front of the background would clear. And the ability to save a background or drawn sprite so it can be used on other projects.