What should be my profile pic?


Hey guys! I need your help! I'm not sure what to have as my profile pic! So I'm going to take a vote on it!

  • My girrafe drawing
  • My Guinea pigs
  • A different drawing
  • A happy emoji thing
  • other (list below)




Keep this! It's sweg


A dancing lollipop? Kind of like your name implies?


Good idea! And @Follow4LikesOfficial thanks!


One Of Your Teddy's Or Pets?


Your profile now is so sweg it just crashed my chrome, I'm not even kidding


Well my pets are my Guinea pigs but I'll think about my teddys


What happened to not using chrome @Follow4LikesOfficial?




Anymore ideas/comments?


Guinea pigs/ small animals are totally cute adorbs and bae <3


I'm using chrome canary thank you very much

There's a difference


Hmm not getting notifications


Based off the Dancing-Lollipop idea