What Season Are You?



Hi! I made a new quiz, What Season Are You?
I based it off of many different quizzes I found online.
Unlike Personality Match, the answers change positions, so its not like "All on the bottom right is Summer." They change!
I hope you like it!
What season did you get? I am summer! :grinning:


The girl got fall! I'm extremely related to that in a way that I don't want to tell.
We were one of the first likes and players!

The boy got summer!

And what is Introvert and Extrovert?



I got fall. Makes sense, since 1- I was born in fall, 2- I only like a touch of cold, 3- I love every part of fall, and 4- my family likes to call me "fall queen" :sweat_smile:


I was born in fall but got summer!


Argh... Meow Studios Remixed one when i was just getting a link and it got on trending! Now everybody is remixing the wrong, unfinished, screwed up code one! Nuuu

Oh well :P


Great game! I got summer! :D


I got fall. And I am born in October so it makes sense


I got summer and I was born in summer. Ironic I think not!:blush:


I got spring! The second part is so true!

off topicish

Also, my brain is thinking: fall? Don't you mean Autumn?


They are the same thing! :wink:


It can be autumn or fall. They're the same thing, just different names for it. :wink:
Some countries call it a certain thing, or both.


The description is so like me! :smile:


I got winter... I wish I could make something like that!


Oh I'm well aware, it's just the British side of me protesting :joy:

Edit: lol, hey PB!


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I got fall. I was born in spring/summer, but I like fall the most.


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I got winter. I'm a spring/summer girl though.


I got summer! Great game I really enjoyed it


I got summer​:sun_with_face:
Really great game