What’s with the projects on featured these days?


Not to insult the projects, or their creators, but I’m not seeing a lot of feature-worthy projects on featured these days. I mean, “The Green Game” is just geometry dash with a green color scheme. In 2015, when I first started, games as simple as that with no unique code weren’t likely to get on trending, let alone rising or featured. And the “Make Your Own Bunny” game, I made a game almost exactly like that, for St. Patrick’s Day, except with a leprechaun, and it wasn’t featured. “Car Road Builder”, that is basically the “Make the scariest roller coaster and remix” ones. But with cars on it.
What happened to all the good coders?


i have a idea

I think all the projects on featured are using the subscription. Images, drawings ect. Or just using the all ready there colours, and not using RBG, or HSB.
I find it annoying too.


Yeah. Nobody seems to care about the projects by people without subscriptions, maybe.


I make heaps of cool projects that is using good code. But only the ones with subscriptions get up on featured.


Maybe it’s an advertising thing or something. Like if you get the subscription, you’ll be more likely to get on featured.


Because Hopscotch is Dy.ing


I don’t think the latest few projects have any images in them.


that’s sad to hear :frowning:


I don’t have the suscription. I don’t think COAN does either.


Madi’s latest game is almost all images, but it’s amazing nonetheless.


Maybe it’s just harder for the curators to find projects since less people are coding


Trending isn’t a very fun page either.

The “Archers Pixel Art” is featureworthy though, so at least not everyone has lost hope on making great projects, though I barely use the app anymore myself.


Thanks! You called it, didn’t stay on trending very long! :grin:


I agree…
Just a question,do you think my game called ‘dea.th from above’ is feature worthy?


So is my latest game.

Most featured projects don’t use images though.


I know right! maybe it’s cause it’s summer so there aren’t many projects?!?


The quality of featured has dropped. Due to people not coding and drawing and RPing.


I think that Featured still has some great projects on it. But feedbac k is always welcome. Have you tagged @hopscotch-curators yet so that they can answer all your questions?



RPing I can see. Hopscotch isn’t for that.
But drawing…

So some people are anti-drawing. Some are pro-drawing. So sorry if you aren’t for drawing on Hopscotch, but I am.

I don’t see why drawing is bad. It’s like a game in Hopscotch—you play it, then republish your outcome. But you would probably say that there’s other places for that. If there are, though, why do people even make drawing pads if nobody’s going to draw on them? It would be pointless to. And maybe I should stay out of this…

:thinking: oh yeah…


LOL I would have to agree with Hedgehog :3