What’s the first Hopscotch project you liked?


What’s the first project on Hopscotch you have liked? If you are willing to scroll down your liked projects for a few minutes. Mine was 3D Block Art Pad.

Just doing this out of curiosity.

Idk if I should tag omtl or not. Kinda want to


I don’t actually use my likes unless on extremely amazing projects or things I like to reuse.


I have 7 things liked maybe.




More like a few hours for me.

I can’t remember exactly the order, but my first three were Staring Contest by @MyPizza, a potato rock, paper, scissors, and some catch the mosquito thing.


Well what was your first one? :thinking:


That was easier than I expected.

They must’ve added likes in late 2014 or something.


I have no idea why don’t you go check? I don’t hs anymore, I can’t get the app.


My sister’s project.

I don’t know how I remembered that


Well the first project I liked seems to be my own first project so i’ll just take a screenshot XD

Wow, 200 weeks is a lot!

By the way, I would like to give a shoutout to this project, four years later:

I thought this was incredible back then (it still is cool), and I think it inspired me to continue using Hopscotch.


What if you literally have thousands of likes?


Good luck finding your first like then :wink:


I used to spam like Hopscotchers, but now I do what @Kayro does.


Bc I am a somewhat old hopscotcher, and I love a ton of projects (specially from other people who left Hopscotch years ago), I think I will never find that first project. But you can guess.


Ha. So we call the few liking stuffs, the Kayro Effect now, ok?


I have liked so many projects that it most likely will take a bit of time to scroll through. I guess that it probably is my first project or a project that was on Featured or Trending at that time. It might also have been something from a “well known” Hopscotcher like @MagmaPOP, @CreationsOfaNoob, @SmileyAlyssa, @Madi_Hopscotch_ someone else.


Ill need it lol.

My earliest i remember was Moon Hero because i am a saddo


Most of my first projects I liked were by @Funky_63_Greenland.


I think mine was from Funky too.
I think he started Hopscotch earlier than me (which is really strange) and he knew (and he still knows) how to “professionally” code, long before I did (because when I came to Hopscotch, I didn’t know how to program. I didn’t even know what is programming!! [I had 9 years old]), so…


It took me like half an hour to scroll through mine