What’s It Like to Get Featured on Hopscotch?



The ultimate Feature Experience Article

So what’s it like? Simple. It’s amazing. You feel wowed and spectacular and modest and everything above. My first featured project was “SmileCoding 1.0”. I published it, and I didn’t expect it, but the next morning, I opened Hopscotch and BAM! It was on Featured. I didn’t really get much attention after that, until I published my “Baking: A Cake!” project late at night. The next morning, on a bright Saturday, I had a Feature and I was crazy proud. Then, without meaning to, before the pride and the likes of my Baking project stopped, “House Designer 2” was published on the Hops Feature Page. (Thank you again SO MUCH @lavenderwaterfall for nominating it!) Getting on Featured is amazing in so many ways:

  • It motivates you to AIM HIGHER
  • It encourages you THAT YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES
  • It’s an OPPERTUNITY for other Hopscotchers to find out about you and INTERACT

Don’t worry if you’re not on Featured. NEVER QUIT HOPSCOTCH BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU WONT GET THERE. If you work hard, you WILL get there. Also remember that Hopscotch has a coding experience like no other. The experience is the real jewel. But, work hard, aim high, and when you get there (not IF) you will not regret it.

It took me 3 years to get on Featured. It might take longer or shorter for you. But while you wait, code like you mean it.


Flat out answer: attention. Your notifications will burst neon blue every time you leave. Hops will like your project, follow you, like ALL your projects, and constantly get to see what new games you have. If you get on Featured more than, let’s say, 7 times, then you’ll develop a reputation.

But again, don’t fret or quit if you haven’t gotten there. The “big Hops” had to wait a while too.

Your time will come. And when it does, it will be worth the wait.

-Panda Studios

Ps: if you liked this article, pls like to tell me I should write more like it. And make sure to comment with your Feature experience!


This is long!im gonna read it later!


Nice topic! I also get a really happy feeling every time I get Featured.


I use to feel less motivated when I got featured because I achieved me goal and I didn’t really have anything to aim for anymore. Now when I get featured though I’m happy because not only does it help me achieve me new goal of 10 features but it also lets me know that people enjoy playing my games.


Wow that is really well written

Hey when’s your hopscotch anniversary?
Ive been in 3 years 2!


Well. You’re technically famous




I guess?


I have been Hopscotching for around 4 years. I don’t know the exact date when I started. And thank you blush. I love writing


I like this topic. You described the feelings very well. I relate :ok_hand:


:smile::smile::smile: Thank you so much everyone! I am recieving so many compliments on my writing. Do you know what this means?

*pauses for dramatic effect


*everyone cheers jubiliantly


too late lmaoooooo
I’m out


I got in featured this morning with my sheep Creator, I was so happy. This is really true.


Wow I’d love to experience that one day! It’s good that THT only puts code projects on featured and not art or RPs!


Actually once I saw art. It was crazy good. But I see your point: yes, THT favors games over others


and yet several of us have been featured and have depression




That was a good one


I’m sorry getting in Featured makes you feel depressed. Could you explain why?


I don’t think @memorablechickenyay means that getting featured makes you depressed