What RGB colour looks like wood?


Does anybody know what colour wood is because I’m trying to make a fruit ninga game!
For more colors go here:



I think that would be 102, 51, 0 in rgb


RGB 165 130 98 looks like wood. I have it memorized in HSB, but I can get any RGB from an image.


Maybe (110,80,60)?

Try experimenting with colours. I came up with this one in 3 minutes :D


Thanks that's really helpful @CreationsOfaNoob @Petrichor @Gobli09 @kerriannerules1


Medium brown:
94, 77, 45
Light brown
130, 108, 65
Dark brown:
51, 43, 28
I would use the medium brown or dark brown.


I find this chart very helpful

You could also search "rgb brown" without the quotes.


It's RGB (128,98,58)
At least I think


Can I see the project if it’s finished?


Not yet Still working on it!


I bet its going to look awesome! You could add lines through the wood to give it more texture…


Great idea!!! @FluffyMice