What Requests should I do?



Hey, it’s MewtwoCreator- I just joined the forum!
I have slime requests, berry requests, and my pixie requests… but do yours have any other ideas for requests? Just know, I can’t do dragons or cats. Or anything like that.


Hello and welcome to the forum! Are all the mentioned requests types of drawings?


Yes. Check my art pad on hopscotch to see what I have (On Hopscotch I am MewtwoCreator)


Does anyone know how to make a poll


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I couldn’t find you on Hopscotch by searching. Sorry. Can you post a link to one of your projects so that I can find you?


How do I do that? (On hopscotch I am MewtwoCreator)


You can tap the icon with an arrow of one of your projects and then ask a parent to enter the numbers that´s displayed with letters. Then, tap “Copy” and just paste the link into a post.


Ok, here it is:

It’s just a drawing on my updated art pad by the way


Cool! I’m following you now.


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