What represents you?



Ya know your username? Does it represent something very amazing about you? Your love for something? Well, mine does! It represents how much I love vanilla! Make a project just like mine and post it! You can also take part of my code if you want! It's still in progress! So just put examples of the part in your name that represents you! I'm going to put a vanilla cupcake, vanilla flower of course, and for the last one, vanilla lollipop maybe?


I think mine does its kinda my go to phrase you know that one "cool" word and I like it plus I think I'm cool.


My username(which actually has a heart emoji at the end on Hopscotch), explains my love for my Maltese puppy, Buddy!


Ok! Just make sure that it isn't hard to understand that it represents u. :blush:


Awesome! My 2 friends BOTH have a Maltese!


Friendship2468 because I liked my little pony when I made this username, but since I'm pansexual, well, it's hard to explain.


How cool! :D


My username is vanillapowderâ„¢ l love vanilla and I love powders like sugared powder!


I get it! I watched that too!


Our name is half the same! I like it! So, are you are going to do vanilla sugar? If that exists? :joy:


Mine represents AES Encryption!
Joking, that's actually a coincidence, and AES are my initials.


I might make a project for this! I love dogs and the color blue. So, um, yah!


I also see mc - Minecraft. You play?


I do play minecraft, but the mc stands for must code!


Nah. The pansexual flag with Harry Potter glasses and scar on it would probably represent me.


Anonymous represents me because I am hidden, therefore anonymous.


No, because I don't have any electronics that are my own or that I share with my 4 sisters. GBOT!


Mine represents...uh....lets just say.....
I'm obsessed with koalas.