What Reason Is There For Quitting? Forget it!



Forget it!


Wow you are Awsome at writing speaches
+ I agree with you


I agree with you! :joy:


I agree with both of you! :joy:


Great job! I agree. This is very good advice, and will most likely be a powerful tool for persuasion.

Btw I got confused there for a second when I read "Michael Jordan" as one of your bullets...and then I read what you wrote. xD

Here's a like! :heart:


Thanks everyone! <3


I "quit" but really I am just spending a lot less time on the forum.


@LinemStudio please read this. It'll help. For pro speech writer @SnowGirl_Studios wrote this for people who want to quit.


Pro speech writer? O.o never knew dat


Wow, great speech! It's very motivating


I don't want to say this, but... did you really write that? I found something very similar, almost the exact same, online.... :wink:


Okay we'll consider​:thinking:


I'm sorry, I was just asking because it's the exact same thing. :wink:


I'm really sorry, but I was just asking, and @SnowGirl_Studios, I trust you, but....



If you wrote your speech, then you shouldn't be begging her to delete it.

Please cite your sources. It's plagiarism