What project of yours do you think would be a game changer?



I literally have no idea what level of mine would be a game changer. If you haven’t posted any levels on Hopscotch and are only on the forum, then feel free to do whatever…


Oh wait lol

I’m more proud of this though: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/z3zyvw2f2


From my old account this was my best and favorite project:

I had left for a month then came back. I may or may not have spewed my tea when I saw my (normally bare) notifications. In my past experience, games I enjoyed making and playing went unnoticed. But I was really surprised that so many people enjoyed the game I made.


Well, none of them…but I guess Red Light Green Light would have the best chance.


I’d have a hard time choosing between Mini Golf and Super Smash Emojis, granted, I liked making, playing and just about everything to do with SSE more, but the concept isn’t too new. (The transitions might be, idk). Mini Golf on the other hand, didn’t really have any projects similar to it of similar quality, and it got a ton of likes by just getting on featured. So probably that.


IDK maybe my pie face game? I don’t have the link


Something from my old acc
I’m really proud of this one—

oof it’s so big


I don’t know that any of mine are game changer worthy, but I think that TinyPlanet has the best chance :stuck_out_tongue: