What project have you worked hardest on?



Hi! I wanna know what project you put most effort in.


That was mine!


I would have to say this! :D Although people don't like it as much, I put a lot of time into it!



Totally this:


Just look in the code and you'll know why XD


*Looks in code *iPad explodes Worth it.


... Too many I've worked hard on.


brain explodes MING BLOWN!!!!!!!!


I would have to say both my HOP 1.2 and my Drivin' N' Dodgin' 1.1 , which is stuck in the filter currently.


Personally, I think my hardest, well thought out, and best projects would be my Hogwarts School and Ice Cream Simulater.


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It's great! I love it @Maltese!


Thank you! My inspiration was my bookmark, surprisingly. :D It had thunderstorms all over it, and I wanted to hopscotchify it.


UGGGGGGGGHHHHH! There is a bug in the link! The hand randomly disappears! It does not do that in hopscotch... Lol