What project are you most proud of?



What project of yours are you most proud of? Mine is probably my Angry Birds Pig. And not because it had a lot of likes, because it's my first project to get onto Featured! Anyways, what are you most proud of?

You can also acknowledge others' projects (you might want to check in with them that you can, but I don't know)!

I might even give out a few likes! This will help me see some other projects!


Npad X. It's going to be awesome!


Wow, I can hardly believe you liked my reply so fast. It's impressive.


Lol. I've just been going back and forth between working on a project and forums. I have nothing to do right now..


Got it. Wait, maybe we can work together?


If you want to! What do you have in mind?


What are you working on? We could also do nPad X.

Candy Crush w/ NDSDNS

@NDSDNS I made a linked topic of you didn't know. It's about the working together thing


I'm proud of my Pocket Symphony project.