What?! Please read everyone including Hopscotch staff


So I wanted to point out a project I think is just wrong. The project was a twelve year old asking for boyfriends!! She said if they were twelve, email her and she would date them. That is not cool, and dangerous, under a lot of circumstances. The project was by Daughter of Poseidon:dolphin:


Not cool! Many 12 y.o. Are dating at my school (forever alone) but this isn't okay. Email them about this


You should email the Hopscotch Team about this and report the project :wink:

Why are people dating on hopscotch???? -_-


The project is old from like 38 weeks? She's probably off by now but still not cool!!!


All of it has been done and I replied saying not cool!!!


Uh oh! This is a situation. I would email THT or report the projects. Don't respond to it. It is innapropriet for Hopscotch and the community, and it is not safe at all. Stay away from the situation and let THT handle it.


You shouldn't reply as it can drive attention to it :wink:


She has a lot of projects like this.


I really don't like those people. There were also other people and they said they were dating? Anyway this is messed up.


Email about the user too. This way the team can hunt them down!


why am I even following her?


This is not good! I would email the hopscotch team and report the projects.


I just reported the projects that person made. Hopefully it helps. :slightly_smiling:


That isn't cool. At my school, 6th graders don't really date...

Report the projects! Daughter of Poseidon.... Aphrodite, Goddess of love!