What Platform Should HS Be On Next?

  • Iphone

  • PC

  • Mac

  • Android

  • Other



It looks like a lot of people want Hopscotch on the iPhone! The Hopscotch Team are working on this at the moment, which is awesome :smile::


i dont know why people pick apple devices as not everyone can afford an iphone :grin: like me, i have an android phone so that would be nice to have as an app


Yep I Have A Iphone 4, Any Chance That'll Support The New HS Update?


PC/Mac would be like Scratch, so no PC/Mac.


@Rawrbear I don't think there was going to be one anyways, because the Web Player is coming out!


Completely forgot! facepalms self


I think it should be a Website so you could log in but not an app, I think it should also be on android and android phones


maybe hopscotch for the wii u, on the eshop for free?:iphone:


That would actually be pretty interesting on touch screen consoles... 🤔:smiley:


It could go on Xbox one?


Well then...