What part of hopscotch are you most grateful of?



Thanksgiving is just around the corner! (I know election day is tommorow, but this is easier to make a topic on) Post in the comments which part of hopscotch your most grateful of! Is it the featured, subscriptions, the app in general? Choose anything!


I'm probably the most grateful for the community; they're always here to give support and make your day when you're feeling a bit down about something.


I agree with you!! I also like the people that help me!!


Yeah I will have to go with @Maltese on this one. Hopscotchers are awesome :smiley: also, the fact you can make games easily on your iPad is sweet, too!


I agree with @MR.GAM3R and @Maltese here; the community is absolutely amazing, and the fact that you can easily make games!