What on Earth? Removed all progress!


I went into another account, and pressed upload all drafts. I come back after a day, and half my progress is deleted in a game I spent hours on. What on Earth is going on here? And why did this happen?!?! PieFaceEmoji
I really want to get all my progress back.
@Ana @Rodrigo @WhoeverI’mMeantToTag


Yeah idk why. That was happening to me too, sometimes without been logging out of my acc.

Sorry I can’t help


That has happened ago me before, just now. I did big chunk of code, the next day I come back it’s gone, along with the item.


Had you used more than one device while working on the project?


I think several people have gotten this bug.

But if you used two different devices, I think it takes a while for the updated draft to travel between devices. At least for me it does.


It´s sad and unfortunate that you have lost your code indeed. The best way is to email THT, I think.


No… I just logged out and then in again.