What next ATARI game should I make?



I already made an Atari game and you can check it out on hopscotch but I need ideas for more please help.


Welcome to the forums! What is your username?


My username is onb9 you have any game ideas?


Welcome to the forum! I don't really know what atari is so, I can't really help with ideas..but if you need help get my attention by doing @SnowGirl_Studios


Ok I will thanks, and Atari is an old arcade gaming system from the 80s.


It was one of the first home consoles ;-; (but yes they also made arcade games)


What about space aliens or pong!


Good idea I'll try to do the best I can on all of everyone's ideas thanks.


I think I'm going to try to make river raid because that's one my very favorites.:slight_smile:


It's also a company.


Try umm.. Pad-Man? I'm not sure about that


I might not just do Atari maybe some midway arcade to like spy hunter


I'm starting to work on river raid right now it should be published by May 1st and keep telling me if u get anymore ideas! Thanks!


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The ATARI adventure 2 (river raid) game is out today! Check it out on my hopscotch page my username is onb9 please give it a like thank you.


RCT3 roller coaster tycoon 3. Ask me if you want to collab.


Galaga pacman pong. Oh yeah, centipede.


Not that this has to do with anything related to Atari I just want to say that mouse trap is out! I'd say it's the best game I've made so far make sure you play. my username is onb9. trust me it's HARD. make sure to give it a like and remix with your high score and whoever remixes with the highest score I'll follow!