What music do you listen to?


What music do you listen too while you code?!? I normally listen to Christan rap. What do you guys listen too?!? @FoodDelivery @minioncandy @KoalaKrazy


So sorry, there's actually already a topic like this I'm pretty sure D:

Great idea though! :D


I listen to Dubstep. Its like electricity music


Okay… when I searched it none showed up!! Also can u answer it?!?


Nice!! I have heard it once or twice!!


That's ok :D

I think it's called... actually I'm not sure XD

Also, I listen to whatever's on my iPad (I don't have that much lol XD)


Okay!! Thanks for understanding!! That's fine if you don't know the name!!


yeah im listening to Christian rap right now and its pretty good!


Who are you listening too? I am listening to Lecrae right now!!


I just searched up "Christian Rap" I just clicked on the first video i saw


Who is it by? Do you know?!?


Christian Hip Hop


Search up Blank by Disfigure. Its a really good dubstep song, its my favourite


Okay I will!!


Listening to it right now!! Pretty good beat!!


If you like it, search up "Tobu - Hope NCS" I bet you will like it


Okie-Dokie!! I will search it up!!


Any other song suggestions for me to listen to other than dubstep? :joy: Its like the only thing i listen to


I like music with strong steady beats


Do you like piano sort of rock? @CodePerfect