What Makes a Topic Code-Related?


Hello @Ana
I have recently noticed that you have closed the Hopscotch News Crew on the basis of it not being code related. Link The purpose of the topic was to be a News Center to report activities on the Forum, Hopscotch App, etc.

I respectfully request to ask why topics like the following stay open, as they aren’t code related either. Also If possible, is there any way that you could reconsider your decision, and reopen the Hopscotch News Crew


Mine is still open, because it’s a bug that needs to be fixed. The forum is also for reporting bugs.

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But it isn’t code-related
The Hopscotch News Crew would have reported bugs had it the chance to stay open


Ok. Didn’t want to start an argument. Just pointing out why it was open. I’m gonna let the leads answer this.


No problem, me neither
You’re Topic is a great topic, it deserves to stay open
My question to Ana was why it got closed solely on the basis of not being code-related (When the topic was a discussion on Hopscotch News)


Ok. Good.
Yeah. I get that.


Whereas the drawing on paper topic is considerably less code-related than the a topic about creating newsletters discussion everything about the Forum and Hopscotch app. Unless I am mistaken (Which I probably am)

It would be nice if we had clearer guidelines on what makes a topic appropriate ( I’m being completely hypocritical though, I wish General Topics could be brought back)




hello! I can’t read Ana’s mind to tell you why the News Crew was closed, but I can help explain why some of the topics you’ve listed remain active.

the dt is a special case, as we all know. while in its current state it may not be code-related, we leaders are working to change that. there’s currently a new plan in the works, and we’re very excited about it!

as tankt said, the second topic by JACG and the third topic by spe123 are bug reports, and once the issues are solved the topics will be closed like every other bug report.

the drawing collab is a competition, which fits the guidelines and will run its life as a comp until its deadline and winners are announced.

the topic by emojiarts was just posted 4 minutes ago! I can portal it to the gdt.

finally, HR’s topic is a leader-based inquiry. Ana asked him to make it and we’ll be using the data later.


Thank you! That makes a lot more sense to me.


You mean Stylishpoopemoji33?


@JonnyGamer like @Serenity said, the topic may of been code related but it also went off topic way to many times, it felt as if it was more of a GT/Collab which is not the point of it. Unless y’all can get some progress done or prove to Ana that is it code related, it will stay closed (I think?)

But I am not Ana…


In what way wasn’t it code related?
Some on the conversation was about html and the forum, probably as code-related as you can get

If something feels as though it could be off topic, people could ask us what and how it is related to the topic instead of watching it and then claiming it isn’t. What I don’t understand is that people take the liberty to determine what they think is off topic and post gbot which initiates argument (when not done in the proper way) instead of pursuing the conversation and finding out if it is just spam, or maybe just ignoring it instead of feeling like they need to fix it


from this post

to this post

was lots of off topic (i thought at least) stuff, and that’s a lot of the topic.


No I think you’re right that was off topic. That’s fair

However at the very end of the topic I was doing this:


But between those 2 posts I linked was a good amount of the whole topic, maybe it got too off topic?

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again, I’m not Ana but if felt to me like it was slightly like a GT

there are lots of posts like this in your topic. Do you think they are code related?

This is HMTL code, but you weren’t using it in an useful way, maybe you could of explained what it meant or why you did it or something?


And also I learned something very interesting, if I wanted to edit a topic to reserve the drawing topic 21, it didn’t allow me because it was too long

I’m wondering if this could cause potential disaster, if someone edits the current drawing topic title, there’s no way to change it back. It only allows a long title during topic creation


I guess we would have to determine if something is code-related does it matter whether or not it is useful, semi-useful, not useful, useful only to some users, etc.


Look, I understand where you are coming from but it was a collab, not a place to chat about random stuff.

Try looking over the topic and see if it looks code related to you, and if you think it was then go ahead and make a new topic!