What Makes a Good Game?


What makes a good game


1: It does not get boring playing
2: A good amount of content
3: Nice graphics
4. Well tested so the game does not have any bugs
5: New ideas are always good!
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It's mostly in how it looks, and what colors you use. Purple and orange don't go well together for instance.


yet funky 63 uses those colours! It of couse depends on your stlye!


what makes a game?

  • Colors
  • Instructions
  • graphics
  • difficulty
  • controls



What are the best type of graphics

  • 2D
  • Black and white
  • 3D
  • Custom colors



Well, in my opinion, What makes a good game is that you have good graphics, good controls, very little bugs, interesting storyline, how long it takes the game to be made and last but not least.

The amount of effort. THATS the most important part of making a game.


The colors are everything! There's a science to it. I would post a video, but it's kinda inappropriate, and I can't find another one. :confused:


The content included, professionalism and replay value.


gameplay 2020202020202020, the game could have 4kHD graphics and run smoothly at 60FPS, but is the gameplay it's self suc ks, it's not a good game, say, LOZ twilight princess, but all you could do is walk around in circles in your treehouse, yes, there is good graphics, but how long would you play that game without just throwing it away?


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I was just giving an example.

  1. It's totally original
  2. It has hard code like 3D objects, score count, etc.
  3. It's addicting
    All of these will make a good project

  • Originality
  • Time spent towards the project


What matters more