What made you stick with Hopscotch?


What made you join in? Was it the community? Was it creating? :slight_smile:

Has there been anything along the journey that makes you go like wow, looking back? Anything that made you feel like you grew?

I find that I have hundreds of apps on my iOS device that I download and hardly ever use, turns out it is not uncommon for people to abandon apps quickly, but Hopscotch must have stayed. It's also not unusual for community participation to be pretty low in general, according to the 1-9-90 rule

As many of you may already know, there is this thing called a 1-9-90 rule of online participation. In any given online community, about 1% of the participants produce most of the content, another 9% participate regularly by editing (e.g., on a wiki), commenting (on blogs and articles), occasionally producing new content (in forums, etc), and the remaining 90% are 'lurkers' who do not publicly participate but only read (though these days, many of them participate a little more publicly, if not creatively, by "Liking", tweeting, and otherwise sharing the content in ways that are visible to others, but without adding any thoughts of their own).

I was reflecting on this while talking to the Hopscotch Team. Usually with my ideas and experiences, for every idea I have, there are many totally unique others on the community :joy: so that is also why I am inviting you to join in. It's also interesting for self reflection :thinking:

But mainly, I just love discussing these things :grin:

The Hopscotcher's Guide: Topics and More!
'Todo list' for forum

I'll share mine :slight_smile:

I remember seeing the community being really involved and friendly, and active about issues they cared about. This must have stuck with me, and looking back, I find it rather surprising that the things that I first did were:

  • add to a list of ideas for Hopscotch, one of them including a way to view who had remixed a project because of the problem of projects being copied and stolen
Wait, I have already written about this. I will include it :P

When we first had iPads I was downloading a lot of apps to try stuff out. After a Codecademy Hour of Code, I search up programming apps on the App Store and up comes Hopscotch :)

(After maybe a few weeks?) even though I haven’t been using the app for long at all, I write a rather concerned email to Hopscotch about plagiarism in the community from seeing all the projects people have been making about it. This makes me laugh when I think back over it. (It’s written how we’ve been looking at ‘Letters to the editor’ at school, you know, like those more formal tones. I think it's a rather :persevere: one, and I detest that school taught that; human interactions are not reflected in that.)

I am firstly surprised that I was so compelled to do it, when I think about it. You don't expect users to randomly download an app and get so invested in the community :joy: But it's such a vibrant community :heart_eyes: The first project I publish is on similar threads — a project on ideas for Hopscotch.

Reflecting more on it, I think I was happy that I felt I added something substantial enough to constitute a contribution, and that I had completely given credit to those before me. I got so excited after seeing 6 likes on it (even though one was my own).

Another Hop, Rubberduck_smiles, remixes my project on the community and I get super super excited, even though it’s so little!

My first email was most likely way too long to reply to :laughing: and also probably something that THT was handling already, but after that, I was pleasantly surprised that they responded so cheerfully to emails — what a standard to what I have been shown!

I learn sooo much from peeking behind the code of other people’s games and projects. (This is core to me, til today!) I particularly remember playing around with the code for Funky 63’s projects. I keep on changing the code to make it easier to win :joy:

Pi Studios publishes some projects which I add little remixes to. (Google, RC Hovercraft) I am a little shy so I publish the project under the spontaneously-chosen remix of my current username of t1.
Pi Studio says thank you (and I am delighted) and asks me if I would like to be a helper for his projects :smile:

Arendelle & Corona says that she can’t understand Funky 63’s tutorials, and I remix as ‘The Hopscotcher’ and explain that Funky 63’s native language isn’t English (he’s from Greenland). So I offer to rephrase the text parts of the tutorials into English for him and other Hops. Later on it is when he asks me to help out with the Hopscotch tutorial projects he starts making.

It seems like I have an unexplained reason for this sort of thing, my attention almost seems rather pointless — which is why I say follow your heart even if you're doing something that seems utterly pointless!

My first game made totally on my own was Firefighters, I remember thinking about it in the car when we went to a wedding reception or something. It was raining outside and I traced out jotted notes onto the window of the car. I made the rest of it when other people were "studying for exams" :stuck_out_tongue: and I saw that I was learning much more from this than whatever metric people were trying to assess me by.

When there was the Hopscotch police (community club), I make a project reporting that someone is reposting our projects claiming them as their own. Pi Studios tells me he usually just ignores them and lets them remix, which gives me a sort of different perspective :relaxed:


My mother saw this on the app store and got it.


Ooh I see :slight_smile: I am curious about what made you continue to use the app too :blush:


I saw great things on there... also RPS. LOTS. OF RPS.
i also made some friends along the way too... that was cool.


Also, i thout this was what made you find hopscotch.


I will try to fix that, thank you!


Also i wish there was a facepalm emoji :joy:


:joy: They are available in iOS 10.2 onwards I think: 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️


Oh yeah i forgot those!


I was browsing App Store and found it... sounds like it's easy, but I spend 2 years finding it. XD


Oooh wow that sounds long :open_mouth:


We had to download for school, but now I just use it by myself!!! :person_with_blond_hair:


Well, I was bored one day on my old apps, and I begged my mom to buy me a new app. So she got me Hopscotch and I got hooked. So here I am today!


I read a magazine and they told about kids coding apps. Hopscotch was recommended, so I downloaded it. At first, I thought "You can't make a real computer game with this. It is the wrong language and it is too simple". Then I discovered that you could make some real complicated things and I found out that Hopscotch actually is advanced. You can convert it into any kind of text-based coding, just if you know what text you should type.


When I got Hopscotch, I was really interested in learning to code. That was the only coding app I had at the time, and I enjoyed it and stuck with it. Then I discovered the community and I wanted to stay even more. Now though, I'm not as into coding as I used to be, and I've become busier, and sadly I don't have hardly any time to code.;-:


I searched around for an app I could easily make games or play games on and Hopscotch came up second. I checked it out then downloaded it. Before I began to code, I looked at others projects to learn. Pretty soon coding became my favorite thing. Even though I'm told I'm a nerd for loving this app, I continue to code on because it's fun. My games are slowly getting more complicated the 5 weeks I have been on, and now I'm working on sine/cosine games! I also love to inspire people to do their best! That is my Hopscotch story.


Ok, this is an amazing idea!!!!

Here's my Hopscotch History:

About my dad:
This all starts with my dad, around 15 he really wanted to learn how to code video games. He had got to the mall arcades and wanted to copy and invent some creations of his own! He spent a lot of time reading programming manuels and his dad bought him a computer. He made top selling games like MacGolf (which was the first 3D game on the Mac and was the top selling game for 5 years!). He's worked at many programming companies like Adobe (invented the history pallets for photoshop), Microsoft, and Apple. But now he has settled down at an epic Artificial Intelligence start up called AYASDI whose main focus is on improving health care and securing bank transactions.

How my dad introduced me to coding:
Once my dad heard a few years ago that I had passed all of the Hour of Code challenges (there weren't too many back then.. :joy:), he decided to show me this great new app called Hopscotch! This was in August 2014 (or 2013!) and the Holloween Update was there so all the characters were dressed up in Halloween costumes (I didn't know why, though. It was very confusing at the time). Once he showed me the app, he created mini programming challenges for me which I would do (One of them was to create a spiral, but I hadn't grasped the concept of Variables at the time, so I peeked at his code :joy:). A little while later, Hopscotch created the Community, which was very basic to what we have now. There was the newest section and most liked section (I think something else too..). They had finally created profiles and I could "Star" other people's projects as well. Seeing amazing projects made by the community and sing inspired,I decided that Hopscotch was an amazing place for me to stay on (Funky63 and T1's projects were epic).

My first Collab:
After some time of doodling around (and a failed attempt to make a Space Invaders game without knowing how to use Variables and without "When" Blocks for bumping), my friends and I, who were in 6th grade at the time, decided to create a Flappybird Gamecenter Arcade (This was like 3-4 years ago)

This idea eventually lead to my first featured project, but more on that later: Flappimoji!

Learning how to use Variables:
One of my friends finally helped me learn how to use variables, and they did that by creating a simple button joystick. At the time, if you were editing a certain character, you couldn't make it move when a different character was tapped. When the other character was tapped, set a variable to 1. When the variable is 1, the original character moves a certain direction and sets the variable back to 0. This is how we had to make joysticks

Once I learned variables, I went into creating an idea called "Flip it" later called "Gravity Cube". I'll add all of my updates below.. or you can find them down near the bottom of my profile in Hopscotch. I had unknowingly based this off of the AppStore game called Gravoty Duck (it's an amazing game!). After a few more tests, I created a Projects called: How to create a Simple Flip Game v1.2 (How to make a simple flip game v1.2). At this time, the community had a "How To's" section! When I published this project, it was put on there right next to the "How to get the emoji keyboard" project (maybe by Kiwicute??). I was extremely proud of this moment and was the main reason I have stayed since then. That project got 350 likes or something

Once I had gotten to Update 1.7, I decided to experiment some things (Flip it v1.7) – (Sorry, the character moves way too fast! This is because I was using an iPad 3 at the time and my code had become really laggy. I sped up the movement to make it less slow, but on newer iPad's it because waaaay to fast).

I experimented with invisibilities and shading. My dad told my that this concept was invented by Apple and was used in their software and mainly iPhoto (He worked on the iPhoto team for Apple at the time). (Shading Ideas) When you notice I used rectangle blocks, these are not the same rectangle characters that Hopscotch used now. I hand picked them using Unicode characters, where you can copy these from the geometric shapes section here: (Unicode Wikipediia)

Let's go back a few weeks.. I was also experimenting with emoji's making some sort of Stop Motion animation. I had seen some projects use emoji's to "speak" but you couldn't distinguish what they were saying. I friend to make this as realistic as pissobls and ended up making a few words: (How to make Emoji's "Speak") ( I had later, when sounds was added, I tried doing it with sounds, but utterly failed and gave up :joy:)

I also experimented with some update ideas, which I actually got a response from @Asha! (Hopscotch Update Idea)

I also created my first pixel art in this phase. Took FOREVER.. (Link)

Coding Phase:
After experimenting for some weeks, I decided to enter a coding phase. This was my most proud time, which was where I created loads of ideas and also had a bunch of time on my hands.

Apple Watch :watch:️ – Link!
Doodle Pad – Link!
My first Flappimoji prototype – Link!
The JumpJump! Series (with music!!) – Game 1Game 2
First Gravity Cubs Prototype – Link!
Blob Maker! – Link!
Color Craze! – Link!
Moon Phase! (Doesn't work anymore.. :cold_sweat:) - Link!

Features in during this time:
Flappimoji! (5000+ likes) – Link!
Gravity Cube v1.2 (Nearly 4000 likes) – Link!

I then got into creating music for people. I entered @MagmaPOP's 3D Minecraft competition for music! I had created a song, but it was too long.. :joy:

3D Minecraft Comp. Somg – Link!
Song for @HuggingfluffybearLink!
Song for @SabotageWarningLink!
Song Test (Deadlocked by F777) – Link!
Song for @Day_DreamerLink!

After I made this last song, Funky63 got really upset at the Community and deleted all of his projects.. It was a dark period for me since my main inspired left. He did eventually return, though. I ended up making this game called "Bit Bord". It only used 1 text and clones. It took me a while to create – Bit Bird Link

After I made this game called, "Radius", I went into an inactive spurt on my own account. That's because I went to a new account called Quantum9! I also joined my first collab called "Anime Art" (Hosted by @Hermione) . I drew some pictures there that I was really proud of. They got deleted though, by a hacker.. One got liked by MagmaPOP, though!!


Radius Games – Radius: GrayRadius

Quantum9 was an account I created just for mathematical tests, and basically the account I used to learn Sin and Cosine. I made a few awesome projects over there, feel free to check them out! (I'll add more about this)

Eventually, 8th grade had arrived (last year) and I had to turn in my iPad. I made a goodbye project and I felt really bad for leaving Hopscotch. I could code, however, on a different iPad 3, but it was extremely slow. My Dad thankfully bought me a new iPad at the beginning of summer for High School, but I was still very inactive. Not until the start of this summer did I become active again. I created a new account called "Super Mario Mini Games". I made this account with my younger brother and also got the subscription. We made a few featured projects on there, but I have become inactive again (except I am making a few secret projects.. :smirk:). I have become extremely active on the forum and finally have gotten Regular! Yay! I do think, that I will graduate Hopscotch soon and will design apps using JavaScript and Python. I will however always stay on the forum and talk about math! Thanks for reading, everyone!

Longest autobiography ever.
This is still incomplete, so I'll be adding some more stuff. This I should still a pin pick of my life in the past 4 years, but this is about Hopscotch so yeah. I want to create an autobio now..

Do you think we should make a section above with [details] showing everyone's history?


You mean 2013, right? I never got the Halloween Uodate, and I joined in June 2014.


My Hopscotch Profile said August 2014, but that must've been when I downloaded that update. 2013 would make more sense.. maybe..