What kinds of games have we not seen on hopscotch?



Augmented reality, because that requires access to the camera xD


Maybe we can convince THT to add an “object is about to collide” block to HS! Then maybe we can make game like Undertale or One Shot in Hopscotch!


How would that be possible?


How does that work in the case of Undertale? How would it know something is going to collide?


If there was a block in Hopscotch that could tell when the “object” is about to hit a border, then maybe we could create RPGs.
For example, let’s say that this is your character:
When this character is about to collide with a boundary, then the “object is about to collide” block could prevent the character from going through the boundary.

Another example: In Undertale, when Frisk walks against a wall, do you notice how Frisk can’t go through it, and instead does something called “The Frisk Dance”? This is what a “object is about to collide” block could do for Hopscotchers to prevent going through walls.


So, I experimented a bit with the VR idea, and this is a test project:

It’s just showing examples of the rotating.

Those of you who were interested in this,
@Rawrbear, @Dylan329, @DECODECO, @ThinBuffalo

3D Platform in Hopscotch — Topic

Wow, that’s really good. :slight_smile:


Yup, that’s how it works in most game engines! Great explanation :)


So the code is executed when an object is near another?


Well done on the VR test @CreationsOfaNoob. That’s just want I had in mind :+1: :smile:

@KawaiiOaktree3 Why doesn’t the When Bumps rule suffice for preventing characters from passing through walls?


I can’t explain well XD

See hidden text


Reading over this topic I see the abbreviations “VR” and “RPG” (assuming not the blow up gun) could someone let me know the full words.


VR = virtual reality and RPG = role playing game?


Adding to the OP’s topic, I was thinking a few weeks ago that card games on Hopscotch seem to be an overlooked project genre.

I assumed that this is most likely because of some combination of:

  1. there’s no pre-created images of cards to use
  2. the unicode card set doesn’t work (except for :black_joker:. Maybe others?)
  3. cards images could be created with the subscription, but that’s a lot of work
  4. coding a high-quality, usable card deck without the subscription isn’t easy

So here’s a couple questions (I hope ppl don’t mind but I’m going to tag @OMTL to hopefully get a wide range of opinions)

  • No, I’m not interested in coding card games
  • Yes, I’d like to code a card game

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If I created a card game template project…

(Select any that you agree with)

  • I think it should be made from native Hopscotch elements (more complicated code)
  • I think a subscription based template would be better (less complicated code, more effort to create images - could be re-mixed to use)
  • I don’t think many Hopscotchers would use it

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Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion :grinning:


I’ve thought about making card games before, but the lack of arrays makes it hard.


I’m workin on a RPG game at the minute…
For more information see my forum topic about it


Maybe @CreationsOfaNoob you could make lien a 3D Room similar to your 3D projection project


A room?

Do you mean like escape the room, or..?


Actually that would be a good idea!

My original idea is you view the room and maybe if you can make it interactive!

Though an escape the room game would need more than game changers (and more than 6 weeks!


I think that this is a cool idea, and using Hopscotch items would make it easier for people without the subscription to add code, and it would also be really cool. But using the subscription is also a great way to code this kind of game.