What kinds of games have we not seen on hopscotch?





3D games. It is really quite sad… People even understand the concept! And how to do it!


Let me think of something that probably wont come to Hopscotch: VR


“Creations of a noob” - “Is that’s a challenge? Gotta get to work XD?”


No one has made Bobby Carrot

Rip bobby carrot


Yeah, I wasn’t discrete here.
I would say pixelated “outer screen” movement. Like a birds eye view of a town but only parts of the town are on the screen.


So like a minimal in a game instead pixelated and made to fit the whole screen? (Then it wouldn’t really be a minimap would it so my explanation is kind of pointless)


Mine is a puzzle and battle game



I saw the post above and started thinking about how to do that, then I saw this post XD


We haven’t seen a full RPG yet. Maybe a collaboration team could create a full RPG on HS? That would be very hard to code though… .-.


XD you should try to make VR you could probably do it!


Actually, that’s not possible in Hopscotch. Tilt states return a boolean, or a true/false (or 0 and 1) state - this means that your project wouldn’t be able to detect exactly how far in a direction it is. Without gyro sensors in Hopscotch, there will never be an accurate VR project - but I’m not stopping anyone from trying!

Good luck, @CreationsOfaNoob! o.o


I was working on an RPG at one point, but walls are crazy to code without “object is about to collide” conditions. I’ve seen one RPG without walls, though, and that would be Blue Ball’s Adventure (I don’t remember the exact title of the project) - it was so big, my iPad couldn’t even load it 90% of the time! (It did load once, though, and it was a blast playing through it - I ended up not beating it entirely, too. ^^) Other than that, I’ve never seen a full fledged RPG engine.


So you couldn’t be able to do stuff like those 360 ads?


No, Hopscotch doesn’t have code to make VR…
I tried out my friend’s vr yesterday and it was AWESOME
I remember a THT member saying something about Hopscotch in VR… I forgot XD


Nope. Tilt controls are really the only way to do something like that.



So for VR, I was thinking about:

if (tilt.left) {
    if (last-touched-x < 512) {
        example-x-var -= 15

Then something similar for y… though since the event fires once, it’d be kinda weird to code. Coding in a “when finger released” event would make things more intuitive, though!


I don’t think VR is like that?
But it is a pretty good idea…

I coded a thing where the phone can tell exactly what angle you’re pointing at (I used the 1 2 Switch game with the cowboys and guns), but sadly I can’t access it anymore because it was my old account…


VR isn’t like this at all, but it’s the closest alternative I can think of.


Actually, the Tilt rules are a function of % tilt and there’s iPad variables of % tilt up, down, left, & right.

So, technically, a crude VR could partially work. You could easily pan up/down, but with the iDevice in a vertical orientation Hopscotch can’t detect left/right panning (as the angle of tilt wouldn’t be changing. For that you need an accelerometer). However, a left/right tilt could be substituted as a control for the horizontal panning…

Edit: Nevermind on the up/down tilting being easy. I just made a quick test project and from a vertical plane, Hopscotch tilts don’t distinguish between a down tilt or an up tilt, i.e. tilting 10% down and tilting 10% up both result in an tilt of 90%