What kinds of games have we not seen on hopscotch?



So we’ve seen a lot of different games on hopscotch. I mean a lot! But I was wondering, what games have we not really seen? So I want everyone say what games you think aren’t made very frequently. You can use this topic for ideas and inspiration too.

Thanks for reading and have fun!


HAMILTON GAMES hehehehehehe
Um. I’m not sure. I’ll reply when I think of some.


A game that I’m working on but wont say in case one of the better coders takes that Idea and makes it before I do


When do you think it will be done?


Few months. Its fairly complex.


I will be vauge here: it is a battle game




Huh. I’m making a new style game never seen.


Ummm, violent games (actually that’s a horrible idea)


This is a really interesting topic.
Personally, I think that there are lots of game types in Hopscotch, and I can’t really say a specific kind of game. I have a great game idea that I haven’t seen on Hopscotch yet, but it’s impossible to know about all the games on Hopscotch.


You make a really good point


Hmm. I should make a few of those, sounds fun.


Awesome question! I’d say 3D games, if that counts as a game type. Games that let you interact with stuff you make are not very common either.


weeb games ヽ(°◇° )ノ


How about more educational games?


Yeah, that’s a better idea actually.


maybe we should list the games we already have

  • we already have so many makers. Ice cream makers, popscicle makers, there’s just a lot
  • too many dodging games that don’t have a goal at the end, no they are just to get more points

We need more story line games! Like journey games! Mystery, fun, and exploring! You could collect stuff for people, make a story, have a problem, and solve it in the end.


Me and @Work_kids_coding are working on a top down adventure/puzzle game
I haven’t seen that done well


We haven’t seen games that require you to solve a cipher to get through a part of a game (I think)


Just to clarify you don’t need to know every game on hopscotch. You can just say what you have rarely or never seen.