What kind of stuff get flagged?



what koind uf uff tupinus us considaared okz? cuuuus soimtemz oi sea stoofz loik "oi loik coopceckes yayz! " an de arnt fleged. An ooder stuffz ses " cohd e coopcak coontist " an et IS flegged. plz expleen.


Translation? XD:

What kind of off topicness is considered ok? Cause sometimes I see stuff like "i like cupcakes yay!" and they aren't flagged. And other stuff says "code (idk) a cupcake contest" and it IS flagged. Please explain.



Sorry I don't understand what are you saying
PLEASE keep it Hopscotch related


yoop dat wite ei sed dat


That makes no sense. :thinking:


Please speak normal English please


wet ei trei fend gugle twenslate


Okay found it.

That is correct translation...


I need answers people. :thinking:


woot evs, bi


umm... XD What kinda language is this? Gibberish? Ok..... I do not understand any of this but by the title I think it says What kind of stuff gets flagged soooo... let me transulate. te kund uf stoof git fwagged is.... I cant.... just cant transulate that. The kind of stuff that gets flagged is mean, inappropriate, or non-Hopscotch related posts. Does that answer your question? Oh, and next time, if I were you, I would type in English.
Edit: Oh! And Spam! Spam gets flagged too.


@iampinksheep is a thing that gets flagged. don't post @iampinksheep.



tem be senpai :3


Is it weird I can understand this, and I have never played undertale? XD

You should flag things that are off the topic of the conversation, or coding. And also, you should flag spam and inappropriate items. :smile:


it's "check the IP time!"
actually not check the ip time


Can I at least change the title of this topic? It has a word that I wouldn't exactly consider nice. :confused:

And people flag for various reasons! It might be off topic, offensive, etc. But, mods also have to approve the flags, and they are super responsible, so they only approve flags that they think are needed. :D


i made the title make more sense


Well, there are 2 types of off-topicness.

Not HS- related or not related to the topic.

Non-HS- related is okay if it's just a few replies, such as 'I like cupcakes!'
Not topic related is okay if it's just a few replies, such as 'I like cupcakes!'

BUT if it is not HS related but it IS related to the topic, then that's okay usually.

If the topic is not related to HS, it's NOT okay.

If the post is related to HS but not to the topic, it's not okay, such as 'Let's do a cupcake collab!' when the topic is a different thing.

That is why some stuff gets flagged and not others. :3


I think she said this:

What kind of stuff do you consider ok? Because sometimes I see stuff like 'I like cupcakes, yay!' And it isn't flagged. And other stuff says code cupcake contest and it is flagged. Please explain.

@Tem , it is fun to speak with improper grammar, but please make sure it's understandable!


Tem is from tem world, ppl in tem world don't speak English, they speak tem XD