What Kind Of Projects Do You Make?




What projects do you make the most? To Coding, Art, RPs, Lotteries,or just a jumble of all? I am probably a jumble, but what are you?

Tag List!
This is not a freindly mass tag list. It is just a normal tag list :)



Thanks for the tag! I like to make pretty much everything except for pixel art. :smile:


Same here, though i focus on games and CoSine thingies more


Cool! Yah, pixel art is just overwhelming! And your welcome!


I have no idea what I make. Probably everything code. Thanks for tagging!


I like pixel art and text art! Though occasionally I make games!


Your welcome! :D NP!


A jumble!!!!!!



And yapeah thanks for tagging me!


That's cool! :D Your projects are so amazing!


I do coding and art. And some remixes....


Your welcome! @Huggingfluffybear!


Everything but art and pixel art


Wow thanks! So are yours! I love your drawings!


Yeah i don't make pixel art!


Me too! But I could say I remix some!


Thank you! You are so kind! goes to like @DancingLollipop s projects!


What does your channel mainly focus on?

Choose the stuff that mainly fits in with you, and use your four choices wisely! Fillers don't count!

  • Art
  • Coding
  • Remixes
  • RP


You may choose up to 4 options.


I wonder what i voted for… :wink:


Coding. It almost always involves values.