What Kind of Notes does Hopscotch Music Have?



I was going to make a song on Hopscotch, but I think it needs piano notes.
Does anyone know if Hopscotch has piano notes?


Hopscotch has xylophone notes! Unfortunately, I don't think hopscotch has piano notes.


Yah. It has xylophone. But notes are the same on every instrument...


I think they don't have as many notes as I would like to use


Yah. I wish they went up to the high E


I wish they let you record... Then you could play infinitely many notes on different instruments, and even sing!


It could be better if they had a A7 note


You can play piano with hopscotch notes I do it all the time


A piano has 8 octaves, so 8 pitches of each notes....

But hopscotch only has Octave 5 and 6...