What kind of message was this (in activity bar)



What kind of message was this?????????

Is he/she a member of the hopscotch team (the Hey there! Here... One)
I need to know...


She's @axolotl! Click on the project then the two dots, and you can see the creators! :wink:


Is she part OF the hoocsotch team???????


I don't think so. :wink::wink:


Then, how does she private message ????????


I believe so. Alish published a project under axoltl's name...


I guess its for if u have a new account i had that on my accounts when i was new


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The Hopscotch Team will sometimes send messages through the Activity system. No need to freak out! Everyone sees these messages, they are just a way that the Hopscotch team communicates with its users.


How did that happpen?


Just I strated in January 2015, qnd I don't think I got a message then, because I'm used to a reason then (like in the forum, there is a :e-mail:, symbol) and I thought it was auto-matic, not after a bit...


@axolotl, is a user that might be part of the hopscotch team and sent me a private message is all I know...


Accounts cannot send private messages, as I stated before, this is a message from the hopscotch team. They chose Axolotl's project to be a welcoming project because it really explains what hopscotch is all about. I don't understand why you are getting this now, though...🤔


Now I got one from the hopscotch team saying that the activity bar was working (and ot wasn't in the published section of T.H.T


Someone else (I think @LotsaPizza) published it.


I published that one. And no, I'm not part of the Hopscotch team, they just decided to use it. :wink: