What kind of game should I make now?

  • Drawing pad
  • Another cooking game
  • Escape the room


Votes are public.

If you want me to make something else, reply and tell me what it is.
Once I get enough votes I'll close this. Have fun people :laughing::smile:


Escape the room is fun if you make it hard! Good luck with whatever you decide to make.


If I do make it I'll make it hard. I love a challenge! If it doesn't win I'll make one later anyways :smile:


Cool! Can't wait to give it a go! Tag me whenever you make whatever you make!


Okay! Whatever I make will be fun :smiley:


I guess I'll close this once I get around fifty votes. If that takes too long I'll close it whenever


Good idea! Do you want the OMTL?


What's OMTL? :grinning:

20 characters :expressionless:


The OMTL is the "Official Mass Tag List"

As the title suggests, it's a way that you can tag LOADS of Hopscotchers without them getting mad at you! :wink:

If you search for the Official Mass Tagging topic, you'll find the list, you can copy the list from there and add yourself there too!

If you want, you can put random stuff in these punctuations: < and >, without the spaces though, and the text inside will go invisible!


Cool! I'll see what it is.


Seems cool. I don't know how to copy it though sorry I haven't been on the forum that long :sweat_smile:


It's just like you'd copy any other text!

Press on the details that says "tag list" and all of the people's names will come up, copy and paste it here!

Here, I'll do this one for you :wink:


List (87 tags)


Hero_dino and I want to make a cooking game on HeroCatDude...


Thanks :smile::smile: I'm gonna go to bed now see you tomorrow


What do you mean??? :hushed::open_mouth:


@Hero_dino me and @Jojodude have got an account for CodePerfect's contest....
@lollypopcorn maybe make a mix of escape the room and cooking game?


Click there for all my ideas! :D


Lol thank you. Anytime I need ideas I can look at the list :smile:


I want around 30 more votes before I make the game. Random cookies > :cookie::cookie::cookie: