What Kind Of Design Do *You* Use In Projects?



Yeah that is a very interesting observation you've made! It is hard to tell a colour from RGB, HSB was made to be more artist/human-friendly for that reason in fact :smiley:

In an attempt to accommodate more traditional and intuitive color mixing models, computer graphics pioneers at PARC and NYIT developed the HSV model in the mid-1970s, formally described by Alvy Ray Smith in the August 1978 issue of Computer Graphics. [...] Their model was based more upon how colors are organized and conceptualized in human vision in terms of other color-making attributes, such as hue, lightness, and chroma; as well as upon traditional color mixing methods—e.g., in painting—that involve mixing brightly colored pigments with black or white to achieve lighter, darker, or less colorful colors.

from HSL and HSV on Wikipedia


Very interesting! I never knew that, but it makes sense. :slight_smile:


Revive! I thought this topic looked really cool, so I thought I would revive it!
The kind of design that I like to use in projects is:

  1. I incorporate images from the internet into my code. These images help me add to my theme.
  2. I expand my color options and palette by using HSB colors. There are so many great options.
  3. I like to create stories with the characters that Hopscotch offers.

This topic is a great way to get inspired by other Hopscotchers! I can’t wait to see what others do! Thanks, Bye!