What Kind Of Design Do *You* Use In Projects?



So, everyone’s different when it comes to the look of your projects. Some people love pixelated things, some love smooth backgrounds, some love dark colors, some love music and background noises.

Here’s where you can share how you like to design your projects, and maybe get an idea or two from others! :D

I’ll start: I love using pastel colors, gray text, simple shapes, and I rarely use sounds. c:


Oooh :smiley: I hadn't really thought about it much for the things I make :thinking:

Aside from most of the tests/playing around that I do, I think I have tended towards simplicity with white backgrounds and small grey/black text for descriptions, just because it's quick to make and quick to look at. But I suppose I haven't quite made much so I don't really have a consistent style at the moment actually :smiley:


I often use dark colors like black or bright colors like blue or white as a background, but the rest of the content completely depends on what I am making. I mostly make trail or shape art, games and generators though.


This reminds me of the "aesthetics" thingy that some people have on certain social medias, when people change their posts and profile to have a certain color.

I don't really have a specific design honestly, but I mainly do trail art, text art, and backgrounds.


I use bright colors, and almost never use black, unless it is necessary for what I'm making. I like my shapes smooth and rounded. My style is pretty modernized.


Whatever fits the project I'm making.


It depends on the project I'm making, though I usually try for a more "simplistic" design — no outlines.
I also barely ever use sounds unless I'm making/remaking a song in Hopscotch.


Yeah, same here.


I use backgrounds with a resemblance of the environment. Often I will pixelate them with pixel texts.

I like using pixel texts- and making characters and environmental representations, like mountains, coins ect.


I like pixel texts too. It's just Pixel Auest is so glitchy. So I've kind of stopped. :confused:


I usually do a hopscotch color background.


I usually go for HSBs myself. :0


Oh I also don't usually use sounds I only use sounds in my school to cool episodes


I used to have a pink theme on Instagram but I don't have one now.


Same, I rarely use sounds unless it's an actual music project.


I can't make music I'm not really good at it really


I'm not great at music either XD

Getting the timing right is hard for me, and sometimes I just can't find the right notes.


Ui & Ux is the king of design.


I like to use realistic colors, white text, ombré backdrops, and emojis. I also like to use circles and squares, not so much the Tetris-like pieces.
Nice idea for a topic, and very inspiring for new websites and games!


Oh, and I also generally use HSB colors. So much, in fact, that if you give me a couple of numbers, I could probably describe the color. RGB, on the other hand, not so much.