What just happened? And don't say, they had to work on bugs... LSUPPERSWAGGY @Friendship2468


What was wrong,


That happened to me too!


Also they took away dismiss new

BTW thanks @discourse


discourse update.


And I updated WHAT? Take away cool features


There was a problem in their internal service resolution.

In other words, the inside of their service problem solving part of Discourse was lagging and had a bit of a problem so the websites weren't working.

Other words, they've updated Discourse.


Yeah but srsly they could have told us OR how about not taking away needed features like dismiss new


What do you mean by dismissing new?


There was I block" dismiss new" which dismisses new


Just like you have to update apps, discorse (HS's host forum server) updated the forum! They also had to work on the servers so gigantic bugs would be squished :wink:


I think it was worth the wait


Same! They were having some issues with connection or something I think :wink:


It was just an update @PercyJackson9!


NOTHING happened, zip


I know, close this
I'm not being understood


lol why am I in the title?
It's what they did. They don't want people on and interfering with the update, so they restricted it.


They found a problem in the internal servers. Luckily, it's working again! The new version should be out in a few days. Check their Twitter, it's a good resource.


I saw this they were working in 1.5!


Guys, I See The "Dismiss New" Button! They Might've Brung It Back!


that was there for a long time lol