What I've Been Doing


I am not that active on the forums. Which is a good thing for me yet a bad thing. The forums is my second family, but this family is a distractions of what I want to be. The forums is what made me so actracted to Hopscotch. People have inspired me. Like @BuildASnowman inspired me to learn to code other languages. But @TromaxTheDestroyer taught me tons and tons of things. What I have been doing is something called a reality check. I just realized that all of this could be a huge Matrix. I couldn't be alive or just in the state of a comma. I could be secretly never born. Their is so many things that could've happened to me. But one thing that happened to me that was good....



Can u post some pics and talk about your RPG game you've been working on?


I can't, I don't want anyone to see it. Even my code. But we could email @Stradyvarious.


Ok. you can send me the info by that means.


I'm glad you found your way. Sadly people that we used to know are leaving hopscotch or being inactive.
But I think I may finish tap titans even tought i have no motivation and i forgot what i really wanted to do.